How long till it’s gone

The beauty that we see

Everything that was made

Wasn’t made for you and me!

 –Maxine Raggatt

ALTERNATIVE – meaning a choice or another possibility. The world has seen a lot of changes over the past few decades. Moving from the traditional lifestyle to a world where industrialization, privatization, and globalization has paved the way for a smarter and better scope of growth and development. Right from the attitudes and feelings, to technology, the idea of need has shifted to meet the greed of humankind. Man has been an integral part of nature and has an ambiguous relationship with it. At a time when humans are in a constant race to conquer the world,  Yet another drastic change in the lifestyle of people. Advancement knew no limits, Bullock carts replaced with high fuel consuming vehicles, Appliances to make life easier, huge factories and buildings to make mankind comfortable, we developed the world to what we want it to be, disregarding the fact that humans are just dwellers and not owners of our mother earth.

Flora and fauna have been exploited, the water bodies are extensively used, trees are cut down, the pollution in the atmosphere is increasing and as a result of all of these, nature and biodiversity of the Earth is massively affected leading to pollution, deforestation, global warming, climate change, disasters and even pandemic outbreaks like COVID-19.

In the present times, where the pain of COVID-19 has caused loss of lives, it has also highlighted the fact that people will change their behavior if it’s for the health of their families. It has also shown unusual environmental benefits like cleaner air, lower carbon emissions, clean water bodies, less pollution, respite for wildlife, and even bigger effects like the healing of the ozone layer. In a way, it has been the last message of the climate where sustainability and coexistences were very important.

Mother Earth has provided us with everything that we need to survive and thrive. She has been giving for the past thousands of years. We take the privilege of enjoying everything that Earth provides even as she is vanishing bit-by-bit. But it’s high time we repay the debt that we owe to Nature! It’s time we become a part of the solution rather than being a part of the problem. It’s time we work towards sustainable living when we think not just about ourselves but also care and preserve our precious, wonderful, and beautiful biodiversity and environment!

On June 5th, World Environment Day is the United Nation’s campaign for encouraging Global awareness and action to change the attitude and create a positive impact on the environment. To celebrate the occasion and contribute to the cause for the environment, Vimové Foundation Team along with its Partners has taken up an initiative – Alternative ’20, a virtual live concert where Musicians, Creative artists, and Environmentalists come together to spread awareness about the environment. This is a fund-raising concert where the proceeds will be used to help the vulnerable section of people who are affected by COVID-19.

To preserve and protect Mother Earth, there is a strong need to follow an alternative approach. Being concerned about the environment is long gone, Now is the time to act. An alternative thought process has to be adopted wherein each individual recognizes their hands that destroy nature and take a step back and work towards nurturing nature. Earth as a living system is not human property rather humans are just a part of it!

We need to change our focus towards alternative options to bring change in all aspects of life. Future needs would require alternative food style, use of renewable energy sources rather than natural resources, alternative and eco-friendly technology. Furthermore, an alternative sense of belongingness is also an important factor wherein every individual needs to include others irrespective of their gender, religion, race, geographies and  work collectively towards living a sustainable life!

The Earth is all that we have in common. Each one of us is responsible to save Mother Earth. The time has come that we think of using an alternative approach where the things, people, nature, and environment must matter to us! The protection and preservation of the environment, biodiversity, and social change should be brought from an alternative to the mainstream. Alternative sources for green energy and greener environment need to be accepted so that humanity stops threatening its life support system. Let us all help the Mother Earth to heal in all possible ways and embrace her in all its biodiversity, beauty. and wonder! 

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The VIMOVÉ Foundation operates by focusing on four major areas of social development, holistic education, cultural and arts-based projects to create social change by generating awareness through social events, modern technology and values through social innovation.

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