Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility talks about doing business ethically and maintain transparency in the businesses and being good to surrounding people and communities. CSR acts like a bridge between Organizations and the Society to fill the gaps with in them. CSR is concerned on loyalty, ethics, transparency in the business; it is not harmful to society in any manner. It is […]

Right to Education and Schooling in Rural India

Right to Education is the primary right of every citizen of India, whether a child resides in a high-profile society or in a faraway not so developed secluded village. In India, condition of rural education is still improving, the conditions of these rural schools are still very poor. There are very few schools in the rural areas and children must […]

Vimové: Prologue

VIMOVÉ foundation is an organization that works on four major areas of social development, Education, rural development, art and culture and social innovations. It is an initiative taken by Mr. Vinay Shindhe, founder of the organization with a mission to bring together the best global practices to create cost effective social impact solutions, corporate thinking, and accountability standards of corporate […]