Covid-19: Healing Nature, Dealing our Future

Covid-19 has become the most sudden and dangerous pandemic all over the world for over three months, and it has affected people all over the world in a huge number. The spread has begun from China and started affecting the world on all aspects (both socially and economically). The impact of such situations earlier and now has created a lot of disturbance and thousands of people across the globe have lost precious lives. The respective Governments’ decision to lockdown the countries for a couple of weeks had to be implemented as a standard measure to prevent further damage.
As an impact of lockdown, we can observe economic crises but on a positive note, we can witness gradual improvement in the environment. We are familiar with the bushfires in Australia and its adverse effect on nature. Mother Nature tries to heal and balance the ecosystem as she has gone through such destruction since decades, especially when there is extreme human interference. Focusing on India, as an impact of the lockdown we can see a tremendous change in the environment (positively) though a lot of unrest is created with regard to the economy. For instance, Delhi known for its smog and extreme pollution, has witnessed pollution levels reducing to 50% as an impact of lockdown. Shutting down all non-essential activities has resulted in enormous decline in the levels of nitrogen oxide, a pollutant that is produced due to the combustion of fuel. Now, we can witness the birds chirping and a clearer sky due to the closure of air transport and we can also see different varieties of birds flying across countries. On the other hand, due to less contamination in the water bodies (by humans), there are numerous aquatic animals found which otherwise were never caught at sight. Considering greenery around, there is less destruction for economic purposes and most importantly the consumption of natural resources like coal has reduced. These changes were only possible due to the common understanding among the people and at the same time for a common cause. This was only possible due to strict decisions taken by the Government on restricting social mobility, strict lockdown other than the basic commodities. Considering the effects, it is important for us to realize that nature plays a crucial role in our life, and it is our bounded responsibility to take essential care to have a better and safe future. As a responsible citizen and with a humanitarian view, we must take few initiatives to reduce pollution by using public transport, increase flora than destroying forests. Simultaneously, it is important for us to create awareness among others and utilize eco-friendly methods to reduce the usage of petroleum products and thereby reduce pollution levels. This in turn favours the flora and fauna along with the humans to breathe in fresh air and have a healthy life. The reduction of petroleum products also increases forests and creates a major positive impact on the life of flora and fauna. Hence an effort to balance the entire ecosystem can be done by the humans. Though COVID-19 has a negative impact, this is a learning outcome for all of us to save our environment.

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